Five psychological tricks used by retailers that make you spend more

Retail stores use various marketing strategies to attract customers. At the same time, they also use some psychological tricks so that the clients spend more in their store. Here are some of the tricks commonly used by retailers.

Use of huge sales signs

img-7Huge sales signs on the windows of retail attract customers. You go into the store to see what it is all about. After going inside, you may either buy something in full or on sale. Either way, you spend your money. Every holiday is a big sales event. During holidays, people don’t go to work, get bonuses, and are happy to be in the mood for shopping.

They put shopping carts and high-profit items in front of the store

Seeing shopping carts at the front inspires you to spend more. In many stores, you will find baked items and flowers in front of the shop as they have the highest profit margin.The look and smell of these products also attract customers and influence them to buy.

Essential items are kept at the back of the store, and profitable items are placed at eye-level

Items like meat, milk, cheese, etc. are placed at the back of the shop. You have to cross many aisles to go to the back and on your way you see many other items. Most likely you will buy things that you don’t need, just on impulse. The most profitable and desirable items are placed at eye-level so that you see them easily. It increases your chances of buying the most profitable products.

They play music to set the mood

img-8When people have fun, they spend more. Music puts customers in a better mood and encourages them to buy. Almost every store plays music these days.

Use of customer reward cards

img-9You can use these cards in various places like the cinema, gas stations, restaurants, etc. and get points. The real motive of this card is that you keep on shopping in the same store.

If you are in the retail business, you can use these psychological tricks to increase sales. This is some smart techniques to make customers spend more.